Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Website!

Okay, all new work will be posted on the website as I can get photos of them.

Please go to:



Thursday, April 21, 2016

A few thoughts and inspirations...

 Two things have brought about a whirl of inspiration to me. Unfortunately, time for these inspirations is lacking, but I'm still holding onto the dreams till I can do them. Which, is coming along. Slowly. The first inspiration came to me in a book I received in the mail. It is titled The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts written and illustrated by Maja Safstrom. Oh, it was quite sweet and I plan to give it to my soon to be seven year old for his birthday. He is a big animal fact kinda guy. But it was the fun playful art in this book that really charmed me. Here is what the cover looks like....                         .

This will give you an idea of Maja Safstrom's art. It really inspired me to one day get my ideas in order and get a kid book off the ground with my ransom note watercolors.
Now, I just need to figure out how to make that happen.

Next inspiration was watching the new Jungle Book movie. I really am on a mission to paint as many of a variety of animals as I can squeeze in to my life. To be able to paint them for a little while is like being able to have them....like a pet.....for just that time that the painting is being made.

It's good to have goals!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Website

55" x 45"

If you have not seen it yet please check out my new website at jennifernolan.squarespace.com


48"w x 40"h

So, this is a new painting I had just finished. I'm working on large pieces these days and really loving it. I can just feel the creature I'm painting when i work this large. And the paint...it's hard to describe...but working larger...it is amazing to use paint in larger quantities. You can just feel it. Everything seems so real.

As for the title of this piece.....I wanted to show some of the heaviness of my bovine model. While working on it I thought often of weight. The weight of words we speak or others speak to us. The weight of our actions and the consequences themselves ( good & bad) have their own weight to our lives. The weight of conviction....of sorrow...responsibility...and then...the wait we wait while it all settles down or moves on...relieving us of the heaviness. It's a lot more than a cow.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

quick thought on something I heard....


Someone told me this terrible thing a few months ago. They saw me and my paintings at a pet event and said " oh, I only have a mutt " somehow suggesting a mutt was not worthy of having their portrait done. I beg to differ....

Friday, April 18, 2014

Price Differences...

So I'm going to try and explain a little about the price of art and why it can vary so widely. Keep in mind I'm no economist or business person & I went to art school, so this explanation will be pretty brief. But hopefully, give you a better perspective on the subject.

First, let's look at an imaginary situation. Say "Suzy" (not her real name) buys an 8"x 10" landscape for $400. Now her sister tells her she got a better "deal" because she bought an 8"x10" landscape from a different artist for $98. 

Is this starting to sound like a horrible memory from first grade math class or what? 

Anyway, did the sister get a "deal" because she spent less?

Not necessarily. 

See, maybe Suzy's artist is represented at galleries? That artist has a name that is known in the gallery world and also has to keep her prices the same in the gallery ( that takes a cut of the sale price) as it is in the studio. An artist should not sell work cheaper out of the studio than they do in the galleries. If they did, then the galleries will not take them if they under cut the gallery. 

Maybe Suzy's artist does her work on archival paper or canvas. This is meant to last generations. Maybe her sister's artist does  her work on notebook paper or just something she picked up at the craft store and the paint will crack in twelve months or fade. Who knows. But we do know that archival quality artist supplies are expensive and built to last.

Maybe Suzy's artist has been painting for a long time and has earned her prices. She has worked her way up in her career, so to speak. That would demand higher prices.

Maybe the more expensive artist paints in a style that takes a very long time to complete. Maybe the less expensive artist can finish a painting in an hour or two.

Maybe, the sister's artist is a beginner and is selling work cheap to " break in " to the art world. Then I would say yes, this is a good deal. As long as the materials used were of excellent quality and meant to last. It doesn't, however, mean it is a better deal than the more expensive artwork. 

What makes art so different than other purchases is that it is a very emotional purchase. 

Yes, art is an investment. Over all, the artwork you choose to buy will make you happy every time you look at it. It can lift you up. You can connect to it. You should be able to connect with it in some way. Maybe you love how it fits in your decor. Maybe it is a portrait of someone or something you love. Maybe, you just feel good when you see it. The list goes on forever.

So this is a very brief explanation. Maybe you gleaned something from it. Maybe not. But I feel it needed to be said. 

When you choose a piece of artwork or an artist to create art for you, don't let price be your only guide. It will be a guide for sure, as we all have different budgets. But it shouldn't be your only one. Leave that kind of decision making at the grocery store when your picking out, I don't know, say frozen peas or something...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mark your calenders for...

May 17th. The Cobb County Animal Shelter is hosting their adoptothon. I plan to be there showing some of my paintings. You also have an opportunity to win a pet portrait by me. 
All proceeds go to the shelter pets. Also, and most importantly, lots of sweet dogs & cats that need homes. It's a great time to adopt a family member.