Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Out on a Limb

Creating art is an interesting thing. One question is why? Why make art? Or better yet...why make the kind of art you make? One person does photography, another oil paint, yet another sews, or draws, or writes... etc...etc...the list goes on. We sometimes find our medium of choice right off the bat. Sometimes we discover it over time & trial. Some of us are still looking for the art type that feels perfect. And when it is the right medium and it is perfect...boy, is that a good feeling.  What I'm trying to say is.... what we use to express ourselves helps us to express ourselves and that feels good. So we get to this point and what do we do with it? Well we need to put it out there. The infamous "OUT THERE". So it can be critiqued by the infamous "THEY". Scary. We take all of our life experience... and say... put it through a meat grinder..and grind it. This then it is pushed through a sieve of sorts. What is remaining is our view of the world. We turn that into "Our Art". And then we put it "Out There". We go out on a limb to show others a little piece of ourselves. I have been thinking about this with my drawing of the Blue Jay titled "Out on a Limb". This particular Blue Jay was a visitor of my grandfather's bird feeder. My grandfather died when I was around three years old. He was a photographer in his free time (factory worker in north Jersey in his work time). Fortunately, he left behind a slew of slides for me to rifle through. What a treasure trove! This jay, at times, reminds me a little like myself. He is out on a limb. He is putting himself out there for a meal. But aren't a lot of us doing a similar thing in a way?  We have different goals. But we need to be "out there" to get what we need.


John said...

have you ever seen the far side comic where the angry wife, with hands on her wide hips, leans over her cowering husband sitting at his desk and says, "Bernie Horowitz, you'e the "They" in "They say"! A little name placard sits prominently in front of him with "THEY" written in block letters....not sure how good of an art critic he is!!

Jennifer Nolan said...

That's excellent! It's nice to know someone else is thinking the same thing....esp. if it's Gary Larson.