Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tulip, Like Candy

Every spring a crop of tulips pop up in the garden by my mailbox. I think they are wonderful things. They go through many stages in their short cameo in early March. My tulips make a surprising entry out of the dirt when the weather is still a bit chilly as small green shoots. Over the course of a few weeks a transformation takes place as the shoots twist & turn their way into many green leaves sporting several green buds at the end of  long stems. This bud of course, turns into the tulip flower. But wait the show is not over. Even as the tulip starts to fade it goes through a transformation as it dies. It's petals open to reveal it's flashy under colors just before twisting and falling off. The fallen petals themselves can become nice little keepsakes for decoration later on.
This drawing of mine " Tulip, Like Candy" only exhibits one stage in the story of the tulips' life span. But it is one of my favorite parts. I remember in the spring of 2006, I was pregnant with my daughter, Leah. Pregnancy wears me out (and I had a 3 year old at the time) so afternoon naps were a nessesary activity for me. I could lay down on my bed and see them out of my window. All my tulips out there by the mailbox. They looked like big pink candy lollypops stuck in the dirt. As bright and as cheerful as can be. Even the grouchiest of people light up a little at the sight of candy. I know I do (but I'm not that grouchy).
It wasn't until early that summer that we had found out about Leah's heart problems and that she would not be with us long after her birth date. But every spring those tulips pop up and I remember of that first time I thought them as looking like a sweet treat. And a treat for the eyes they are. It is like God gives us these little things to sweeten this bitter life on Earth. Maybe Heaven will be like a candy shop. If so, I think I'll order the tulip lollypops.

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