Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've got a long way to go....

I have not posted anything in quite some time. I have been very busy writing my artist bio and artist statement. This seems to be what galleries are looking for in their artists. A good statement to go with good art. While this may be a piece of cake to is not to me. I've recently read a book titled The Business of Being an Artist (I highly recommend it for all you artists out there). The author Daniel Grant, remarked in his book that it is almost unfair to make an artist express themselves in a medium they are not familiar with...writing. Some visual artists are great writers. I personally cannot think of any...but I'm sure they are out there. Mr. Grant also mentioned that artists' statements all too frequently start with the sentence " and so has been painting such and such ever since he/she was a child...". Hey, who stole my line! You'll be happy to know I have since taken that part out of my statement. Thank you Mr. Grant.

So what makes a good artists' statement?

Don't ask me.

I am, however, on the search for one. Not so I can copy it , of course. I just want to see what I should strive for. I have been perusing the statements made by many artists in various galleries. So far I've found everything from "so and so" that has been painting since they were a child to the most pompous self inflated statements in history. One bio I've read actually made presidential campaigns sound downright modest. Some use new words (that I'm convinced they made up) to promote their work as "important" or "new". Apparently, if they used the words important or wouldn't have the same effect. I will say there is one statement/bio that I did like. It was by an artist that painted contemporary realism(I can't remember her name). Her bio sounded honest. Not fancy....not sounded like a real person that painted real paintings. And her paintings are good, to boot! I do not know if this is what gallery owners want to hear from their artists. I don't know if this is what art collectors what to read. But try as I might....this is what my artist statement keeps coming out like,too. I didn't even use any made up words.
So maybe I have a long way to go with this art biz thing. But I'm going...and that's what's important, right?

p.s. I feel that I should give a little history on my drawing titled "Long Way to Go"(sketch). I like to warm up before drawing with a few sketches. They tend to lack the details of my finished drawings. I liked how it came out. It is a very simple drawing. But it shows more with less. I like that.


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