Thursday, February 25, 2016


48"w x 40"h

So, this is a new painting I had just finished. I'm working on large pieces these days and really loving it. I can just feel the creature I'm painting when i work this large. And the's hard to describe...but working is amazing to use paint in larger quantities. You can just feel it. Everything seems so real.

As for the title of this piece.....I wanted to show some of the heaviness of my bovine model. While working on it I thought often of weight. The weight of words we speak or others speak to us. The weight of our actions and the consequences themselves ( good & bad) have their own weight to our lives. The weight of conviction....of sorrow...responsibility...and then...the wait we wait while it all settles down or moves on...relieving us of the heaviness. It's a lot more than a cow.

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